OBJECTIVE:  To create a business development culture within the dealership.  Proactive Dealer Solutions (PDS) works with nearly every department in the dealership on how to create the ultimate customer experience.  We'll train  the following:

  • Upper Management
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Staff Members
  • Internet Managers
  • Service Managers
  • Service Advisors
  • Business Development
    Appointment Coordinators
  • Receptionist

PDS will physically come into the dealership with a Certified Performance Coach and work hands-on with the staff.  Below is the curriculum that we cover:

We can help the organization recruit staff members and then we will train them in the store.

Dealerships range in size and not all dealerships are the same. PDS will customize and tailor our services to match exactly what the dealership needs. The number of days a trainer is in a dealership varies based off the size and lead flow of the store.

Performance coaches provide hands-on training and real-time evaluation, working with the entire dealership team to implement techniques and best practices, demonstrate and reinforce proper behaviors, and drive management engagement and accountability. We share and track key performance indicators for each individual and department to measure progress and drive ongoing performance improvement. For each visit this could include:

    -  Phone and Mystery Shops
    -  Evaluation and Training Assessment (ETA)
    -  Opportunity Management Assessment (OMA)

Most dealerships partner with PDS for approximately 6 months.
Our Training Courses range from 16 to 24 hours.

PDS Instructors: Dan Guitard, Mario Gambroudes, Derek Kress,

                                Victor Fakhoury, and Larry Wedgewood.

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