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Proactive Dealer Solutions is an approved GM IMR turnkey product.

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Who we are

Proactive Dealer Solutions is the BDC Industry leader. We specialize in lead and process management for the automotive industry. Since 1995 our managing partners have focused on Business Development Centers (BDCs) and helped to pioneer the industry. Proactive Dealer Solutions has implemented over 3,000 Sales and Service BDCs in North America.

We help our dealer partners:

Find and Train
the Right People

Build a Winning Culture

Implement & Reinforce Lead Management

Establish & Strengthen Core Business Development Processes

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Services We Offer

Whether your dealership and staff are new to BDC or whether you’re wanting to rev up an existing one, the BDC Experts can help with their turnkey solutions:

BDC Implementation

BDC Optimization

Staff Training


We understand the key to BDC success is a combination of people, process, and execution. Proactive Dealer Solutions offers dealers a turnkey solution, which ensures success. We will work onsite with dealership management, sales/service staff, the receptionist, and the BDC team to implement lead flow management and business development processes throughout the dealership to create a culture where BDC can thrive.

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