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FIX & MASTER THE PHONES The fastest way to see an immediate increase in sales at any dealership is to better handle inbound calls.
We can help you connect and convert more calls.


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What Does Our Call Management Solution Offer?

Our Call Management Solution is built to help dealers fix and master the phones. Every inbound call is automatically evaluated and scored through our Artificial Intelligence to coach staff on how to better handle the calls, and to notify managers of mishandled opportunities.

Our platform trains your staff how to properly handle those valuable inbound leads through the largest, online Phones Skills Training program.

DONT' MISS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY Alerts management of failed and mishandled opportunities, so they can rescue more deals.
HOLD YOUR TEAM ACCOUNTABLE Improve staff performance with actionable agent-level and management-level reporting.
COACH THEM TO BE GREAT Develop your staff's phone skills with personalized and real-time training.
Dealership Calls Professionally Handled

How Much Business Are You Losing?

A dealership loses one buyer every 25 calls and 1 service customer every 4 calls from lost calls and poor technique.

Failed Call Rate:
Unanswered and Abandoned
Industry 19%
Our Dealers 10%
Appointment Requested
By Agent
Industry 19%
Our Dealers 59%
Appointment Set
Industry 16%
Our Dealers 54%
Failed Call Rate:
Unanswered and Lost Calls
Industry 25%
Our Dealers 10%
Appointment Requested
By Agent
Industry 52%
Our Dealers 82%
Appointment Set
Industry 48%
Our Dealers 80%

What People Are Saying

"Proactive Dealer Solutions call management tool gives us insight on how well we're handling our inbound calls. The tool has made our dealership better on the phones with its online training and we are making every lead count with the missed opportunity alerts."

Helmi Felfel

Dealer Principal, Planet Mitsubishi

"Our recent association with Proactive Dealer Solutions took our BDC to a whole new level of success. The in-house training, comprehensive software, and well defined metrics allowed us to increase our year over year sales by over 30%."

Michael Brill

President, B & B Automotive, Inc.

"The results have been great and I'm applying more of what I learn every day. We saw our BDC appointments, and sales from those appointments grow 20% in December. I've been planning to write you all and let you know what I've learned has helped us and how I plan to implement even more changes!"

Angela Lowe

Business Development Manager, Hendrick Motors of Charlotte

"One of the first things Hendrick Automotive Group did was to bring in PDS to remake and guide our BDC. PDS was instrumental in helping us take a struggling dealership to #1 in the region."

Ed Keady

General Manager, Hendrick Motors of Charlotte

"We increased our sales by 28% and service by 24% just by getting our staff certified on the BDC Training Network. And, with reinforcement training from the real-time coaching alerts, we've been able to keep our staff performing at this level."

Frank Moody

General Manager, Courtesy Chevrolet - Louisville, KY

"BDC Central has taken our business development initiative to the next level by ensuring every lead is handled correctly and followed-up with. We could not live without the Coaching Alerts, Missed Opportunity Alerts and the ongoing support from our Success Manager."

Mike Bowsher

Dealer Principal, Carl Black Automotive Group - Nashville, TN

"BDC Central allows us to run our business development initiative in real-time. Not only does it monitor and train our staff but alerts managers automatically of anything they need to take action on, so that all our customers receive exceptional customer service."

Rick Finney

Director of Service, DeNooyer Chevrolet - Albany, NY

"BDC Central is like having your own virtual coach that manages your business development initiative. It has helped us take our under-performing BDC to another level. Our sales have increased from 150 to now over 300."

Omar Rodriguez

Managing Partner, Carl Black Chevy Buick GMC of Orlando - Orlando, FL

"We always wanted an in-house BDC but just didn't know how to do it. The team from Proactive helped us structure the room, find and train the right people and still, today, continue to help our BDC progress and grow. It's a turnkey solution!"

Michael Hoopes

General Manager, Marine Chevrolet - Jacksonville, NC


ONLINE PHONE SKILLS CERTIFICATION Improve handling of inbound sales & service calls to increase call experience and ensure your staff asks every customer to visit your dealership. Individual and dealership reporting and performance insights help you identify training needs.
CONNECT MORE CALLS Identify inbound call experience issues in real time to reduce failed customer calls.
COACHING ALERTS Automated Coaching Alerts develop your staff's phone skills to improve handling of the next call.
MISSED OPPORTUNITY ALERTS Alerts managers of mishandled phone opportunities, enabling you to rescue more deals.
CONTINUOUS PHONE PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK Ensure agents master the phones, focusing on appointment setting through great customer service.
MYSTERY SHOPS Hold agents accountable to effectively handle Internet leads both with the initial response and follow-up.

Learn More About
Call Management Solution

Schedule a demo of Call Management Solution and see how we can help your
dealership fix & master the phones that result in more appointments.


Learn More About
Call Management Solution

Schedule a demo of Call Management Solution and see how we can help your
dealership Fix & Master The Phones that result in more appointments.

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