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Want to make your next 20 group meeting a GAME CHANGER? Invite the BDC Experts.

Every month we're traveling around North America sharing our best practices and recommendations when it comes to business development. We can deliver that message to your group with a powerful one hour session.

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The BDC Experts turn BDCs into
profit centers.

We partner with various industries sharing best practices and recommendations to drive traffic.

  • What is a BDC
  • Why a BDC works
  • Success Traits
  • Staffing & Structure

The BDC Experts Will Share the Top Secrets to BDC Success!

This unique business culture does not happen overnight, but we can help dealerships get started in the right direction by sharing our expertise along with providing real world case studies.

  • Where to start
  • Daily Expectations
  • Performance Management
  • Lead Source Options
  • Lead Flow Management

How can you take your BDC to the
next level?

We help organizations develop the culture necessary for a profitable BDC in both
Sales and Service.

  • CRM Utilization.
  • BDC as a Catalyst.
  • Total Opportunity Management.
  • Dealership Accountability.

Not sure where to start, how to find or train the right people?

We'll help the group build a very specific and targeted game plan on ensuring a profitable business development strategy.

  • Inbound Phone Process
  • Floor up Process
  • Internet Control Process
  • Proactive Outbound Call Campaigns

Ready to take thenext step?

Give us a call today at1.800.265.1855

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