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We drive your service absorption & profitability by booking service appointments on your dealership’s behalf.


The Challenge

For most dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs, customer experience (CX) is, more than ever, the key differentiating factor in market competition, as well as market retention and customer loyalty. Today’s service customers are won or lost based on their experience communicating with the dealership. Yet service drives today remain overwhelmed with balancing the handling of the phones and attending to the customers in the drive, risking multiple customer experience fail points. With 40% of inbound calls being fresh service leads, dealers can no longer ignore the fact that a third of those calls are lost, dropped, or abandoned. Even when the calls are answered, service advisors are rarely equipped to properly verify/capture multiple contact information, appointments are rarely offered and set to fill shop capacity, and additional services are rarely offered.

More dealers and OEMs today have recognized the need for a new contact point between the dealership’s service department and the customer to improve or enhance satisfaction for both customers as well as service lane staff. Done well, this new point of contact - often referred to as the BDC or Customer Care Department - combines inbound call handling with targeted outbound campaigns to drive service absorption and profitability. The problem is that it’s rarely done well - activity rates are low or unmanaged, BDC agents are untrained and unmotivated, turnover rates are high, and return on investment lacks any real context.
Outsource your call campaigns to us and receive focused, dedicated, and highly-trained specialists who manage your customer communications and improve retention and profitability for your dealership.

How PDS Helps?

To solve for this, Proactive Dealer Solutions has adopted the CCaaS (contact center as a service) model to provide dealers with the option to enroll in their Virtual Business Development Center (vBDC) for Service, utilizing customer-focused, dedicated, and highly-trained automotive specialists to manage inbound and/or outbound customer communications. For dealers who do not have a fully effective in-house department, the list of benefits of the vBDC is extensive. These include fast deployment, reduced overhead costs, scalability and sustainability, transparent pricing and performance results, and more. Utilizing the Virtual BDC means your service lane staff is less overwhelmed trying to man the phones and free to spend more time with the customers in the drive providing proper walk-arounds and upsell opportunities.

A Perfect Extension to your Service Drive

Our vBDC allows your dealership staff to spend more time with customers in the drive increasing profitability and CX.
increase service business
Increase service business 15%
increase customer retention
Increase customer retention
increase service customer loyalty
Drive service customer engagement and loyalty
maximize shop capacity
Increase market share and maximize shop capacity
service clock stopper
Improve response times /stop
the clocks
streamline bdc follow-up
Streamline BDC follow-up without the cost of running a BDC

Our Partners

We help dealers build customer and brand loyalty through a service retention strategy that provides a great customer experience (CX)

See it In Action

Our Transparent Results

outbound lead to appointment rate
Outbound Lead-to-Appt Rate
bdc appointment show rate
Show Rate
average revenue per repair order
Avg Revenue per RO
maximize service ROI, close service leads
Proactive's BDC David Kendrick Service and Parts Director, Ron Westphal Chevrlet service

“With Proactive’s vBDC, we’re able to fully load our lanes without the cost of a BDC and have increased profitability and CSI”

~ David Kendrick, Service & Parts Director, Ron Westphal Chevrolet

“Great program. Proactive filled our drive with happy recall customers that will surely increase our CSI. Our team has more time to focus on customers in-store."

~ Andrew Long, General Manager, Bennett Chevrolet

“Working with Proactive Dealer Solutions' Virtual BDC for Service has made a significant difference to our business. Their team works with me on the customers and campaigns that I want to target and tailor to my monthly budget so that I can bring in the kind of appointments I need. We have seen a significant increase in maintenance retention and an ROI  dollars spent which has been pretty remarkable!"

~ Anthony Lockwood, COO, Motorcycles of Manchester

“I want to thank Proactive Dealer Solutions for another successful training session. What you do for our store is remarkable. The store’s MOJO always rises when the performance coaches are onsite! The motivation and training that they provide is outstanding as our appointments and sales always increase when they are in the store. I think the best compliment that I can offer is this: our managers look forward to their presence!”

~ Pete Ganis, Dealer, Alice Chevrolet

Service Tools We Support

We Support All Service Scheduling Tools in our Virtual Business Development Center

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Outsource your call campaigns to us and receive focused, dedicated, and highly trained specialists who manage your customer communications and improve retention and profitability for your dealership.
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