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Success in Modern Retail is determined by how well we manage the intersection between traditional and digital retailing.

The way people buy cars is changing

The winning dealerships of tomorrow will be those who provide the best customer experience
Digital Retailing Stats, online car-buying journey 92% of shoppers start their car-buying journey online
Start their car-buying
journey online
Digital Retailing Stats, dealership contacting, Online dealership research, 17 hours average research time online before contacting the dealership
17 Hours
Researching online before contacting the dealership
Digital Retailing Stats, Online car-buying, automotive deals, 78% car buyers are ready for online deal-making
of car buyers are now ready for online deal-making
Digital Retailing Stats, dealership visits down to 1.6 visits per online automotive shopper
1.6 Visits
Dealership visits are down
in the last decade
Digital Retail Stats, two-way communication technology, customer engagement doubles
Two-way communication doubles when you engage and not chase
Customers are spending more time researching online, visiting less dealerships and demanding a better customer experience when they do engage.
Modern Retail through Digital Retailing Technology on mobile device

The Journey is On
to Modernize Retailing

Let customers shop the way they want to shop whether that’s starting online or in-store. The journey is on to provide customers with a seamless car buying experience between online and in-store. Proactive Dealer Solutions can help leverage people, process and technology to deliver on a modern retailing promise without compromising gross profit.
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Our Vision

Get your fair share of the market by beating your competition to a modern retailing strategy

An effective digital strategy connects customers with the right information at the right time and provides the applications and processes that lead to a seamless experience. Our dealers combine a mixture of culture change, processes, and technology to shorten the purchasing cycle, remove pain points, and provide an enhanced vehicle buying experience designed for today’s modern customer. One Person. One Price. One Hour. One Experience.

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modern retailing strategy, digital retailing vision, one-price dealership, one-hour showroom

Benefits of a Digital Retailing Dealership

dealership customer experience shaking hands
Deliver the Experience Today’s Customer Wants
streamline car-buying through online retail
Streamline the Sales Process
build customer trust with price transparency
Build Trust through Transparency
increase dealership closing rates, increase dealership gross
Increase Close Rates without Sacrificing Gross
increase CSI scores
Increase CSI Scores
internet sales training from an internet sales manager using digital retailing technology platform

In-Dealership Training

Great Experiences for Customers Begin with Great People and Processes in your BDC.

We work with our clients to design and implement an onsite training and consulting solution to meet their specific goals for digital retailing - beginning with a needs analysis and diagnostic. From there, we equip your team with the knowledge, skills and processes to ensure your dealership is set up for digital retailing success. Click below to learn more about our onsite training approach.

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Digital Retailing Acceleration Workshop

Digital Retailing Accelerator Workshop is an intensive, highly interactive program that combines customer experience principles and digital retailing best practices with practical application and hands-on-learning. The training provides a digital retailing blueprint with skills training that can be implemented at your dealership and is based on proven results from some of the largest dealer groups. Facilitated by experienced automotive business development leaders and automotive digital retailing experts, this workshop produces results for attendees that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

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Is Your Dealership Ready for
Digital Retailing?

Take our assessment to see where your dealership stacks up on modern retailing

Digital retailing is not just another lead generation tool, it’s a tool designed to provide the customer with options for completing the vehicle purchasing process at their convenience, not yours. Customers are looking for brand interactions where they’re in the driver's seat and their needs, versus the company’s, are centric to the experience. See where your dealership stacks up against the ever-evolving customer’s expectations with our digital retailing readiness assessment.
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