AI-powered Call Insights for the Automotive Industry


Infuse your apps, websites and bots to make the most of the customer's voice

Proactive Dealer Solutions' Speech API leverages our years of experience in the industry, combining domain expertise, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help the automotive industry extract critical intelligence from customer calls, all via a standard API that can be setup in minutes.


Applications integrate with Proactive's Speech API using a combination of standard REST API interfaces and Webhooks to process call recordings and extract actionable results in near real time.


Sales and service coaching and training for inbound and outbound

Call classification

Automated lead quality
and scoring

Sentiment analysis and
customer experience metrics

Scoring of
agent phone skills

Failed call and
call abandonment identification

Call summaries and full transcript

PCI/SSN/PII detection and redaction - DSS Level 1 Certified

Predicting of likely
outcomes from a call

Missed opportunity,
save-a-deal alerts

Topic and category identification

Speaker identification

Automotive vendors, manufacturers and dealer groups leverage the Proactive Speech Analytics API to extract critical intelligence from sales and service calls into the dealership. Our API helps the automotive industry connect more calls, increase marketing ROI, train staff on skills and technique and convert more deals.

Proactive's AI-powered speech analytics is miles ahead of the competition.

We leverage and combine the best-in-class solutions

Our platform utilizes unsupervised machine and deep learning, natural language process, predictive intelligence, sentiment analysis and more built specifically to solve automotive industry problems.


Using the most sophisticated recurrent neural network speech technology and using machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Proactive Dealer Solutions has taken millions of sales, service, parts and finance calls from across thousands of dealerships in North America and created a powerful speech analytics API that can provide comprehensive details on the call including call details, call attributes, customer and agent sentiment, and results of the call.

  • Call classification (sales opp, service opp, status check, parts, finance or other)
  • Identify the agent who handled the call
  • Identify failed calls (unanswered and abandon calls)
  • Determine if agent acquired customer and vehicle information
  • Identify if caller was satisfied with the call
  • Score agent's phone skills
  • Determine whether an appointment was booked and whether it was a solid or soft appointment
  • Provide a summary of the call
  • Identify customer's objections
  • Determine if the call was mishandled opportunity and whether a manager should be notified to save the deal

Some of our speech analytics insights:

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