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Staff Training Programs

The front-line level series offered in LVT focuses on how to serve customers in a rapidly changing landscape, where customer expectations for seamless, personalized experiences are on the rise. The series line-up for staff includes topics such as best practices for maximizing every lead source, communication strategies, and techniques for motivating customers to take the next step.
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Mid-Level Management Programs

The mid-level manager that oftentimes is responsible for triggering deals, while also managing dealership operations, communicating goals between departments, and leading the team to success. Historically, these roles are promoted from within and  there is little training available to quickly learn the necessary skills. With an all new customer-centric marketplace, middle manager training is more critical than ever. The LVT Middle Management Series is designed to address the demands of middle managers, helping them to grow the business and lead a team to success. Topics include learning how to set revenue goals, manage production to those numbers, learning how to take escalations and convert more leads, and learning how to direct and delegate tasks to the right people for maximum staff optimization.
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